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Sortina Pharma

Sortina Pharma is a pharmaceutical company, developing groundbreaking new therapies for recurrent and metastasizing cancers by eliminating cells responsible for tumor initiation, progression, and resistance to conventional cancer therapies.

Anti-Sortilin treatment – Making a difference for cancer patients

With this new therapy, patients will achieve a reduced recurrence and spreading of cancer and increased survival.

We are developing sortilin antagonistic small molecules, which can reduce the activity and expansion of treatment resistant cancer stem cells which are the leading cause for recurrent and metastatic cancer.

Our mission

Sortina Pharma´s mission is to develop an effective first in class oral pharmacotherapy for cancer patients with or at risk of having recurrent and metastatic cancer. With this new therapy, patients will achieve a reduced recurrence and spreading of cancer and increased survival.

Our drug is designed to be used as an oral add-on to the standard of care for improved efficiency. By targeting cancer stem cells in combination with standard therapy, we can achieve a more comprehensive cancer treatment, leading to improved quality of life and ultimately to increased survival.

  • Anti-Sortilin oral therapy as add-on to today´s standard of care for optimal treatment
  • Eradicate treatment resistant cancer stem cells
  • Scalable technology with several Sortilin expressing cancers such as Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer and Glioblastoma. 

About us

The research behind the product concept is generated in Professor Göran Landberg research group at the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research. The inventors and founders are Professor Göran Landberg and PhD Sara Rhost. They have substantial know-how related to the cancer microenvironment and in biology related to cancer.

News and publications

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Sortina Pharma AB has appointed Sara Rhost as CEO

Sara has a doctoral degree in immunology from Gothenburg University and has been managing and driving the sortilin-project from research
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Clinical article: Berger et al 2021 BMC Cancer

Tumor co-expression of progranulin and sortilin as a prognostic biomarker in breast cancer Read full article
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